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From R22.00 each to R24.00

Classic Cupcake
Moist vanilla or chocolate sponge  with a light swirl of frosting in any colour with one sprinkle / sugar decoration of your choice.  No glitter.

From R25.00 to R28.00 each

Lemon Meringue
Moist vanilla sponge covered in a thin layer of lemon curd beneath a swirl of lemon flavoured frosting topped with a bite sized meringue.

Almond and Vanilla
Moist vanilla and almond flavoured sponge topped with a vanilla swirl and sprinkled with flakes of roasted almonds.

A moist chocolate sponge topped with a small swirl of vanilla icing and sprinkled with large chunks of Oreo cookies.

Moist sponge flavoured with a hint of coffee, topped with a creamy coffee swirl and finished off with a chocolate coffee bean.

A moist vanilla sponge with a swirl of milo flavoured fristing.

  Apple and Cinnamon
Vanilla sponge filled with baked apple topped with a small swirl of vanilla frosting, finished with cinnamon.

  Mini Astro
Chocolate or Vanilla sponge with vanilla or chocolate frosting topped with mini Astros.

R28.00 each

Peppermint Crisp
A swirl of pale green mint flavoured frosting atop a moist chocolate sponge and sprinkled with pieces of peppermint crisp chocolate.

Moist vanilla sponge filled with caramel and topped with caramel flavoured icing and sprinkled with pieces of caramel.

Bar One
A moist vanilla sponge filled with melted Bar One, topped with a caramel-chocolate swirl and finished of with a piece of Bar One chocolate.

  Dark Chocolate and Orange
A moist dark chocolate sponge topped with a slight orange flavoured vanilla swirl, decorated with a small piece of dried orange and drizzled with dark chocolate.

  Chocolate Ganache
Moist chocolate sponge covered with chocolate ganache and topped with a small twirl of vanilla frosting with a chocolate disk on top.

Chocolate Wafer
Moist chocolate sponge filled with chocolate ganache, topped with a chocolate mousse-like frosting and a dollop of vanilla frosting & wafer sticks.

Top Deck
Vanilla sponge filled with white chocolate and topped with a vanilla/chocolate swirl and a small piece of Top Deck chocolate.

  Cherry and Vanilla
A light cherry flavoured sponge, covered with a vanilla swirl and topped with a sugar frosted cherry, sprinkled with silver glitter.

Strawberry & Cream
Moist vanilla sponge filled with baked strawberry, topped with vanilla frosting and finished with a fresh strawberry on the top.

An espresso flavoured sponge topped with mascarpone style frosting in the middle of the vanilla sponge cupcake and sprinkled with icing sugar and dark chocolate shavings.

From R29.00 to R32.00 each

Black Forest
A light, moist black forest sponge topped with a swirl of vanilla icing and finished of with a cherry and a decorative chocolate.

Carrot and Nut
A moist carrot and nut sponge topped with a cream cheese icing and finished off with a pecan nut.

Ferrero Roche
A decadent chocolate sponge filled with chocolate ganache, covered with a chocolate swirl and finished of with half a Ferrero Roche chocolate and gold glitter.

Hazel Nut Lindt
A decadent chocolate sponge filled with chocolate ganache, covered with hazelnut flavoured frosting and finished of with a hazelnut Lindt chocolate.

White Lindt
A moist vanilla sponge filled with white chocolate, covered with a white frosting and finished of with a lindt chocolate. 

  Rocky Road
Moist chocolate sponge with a topping made up with chocolate, marshmallow, cherries, nuts and coconut.

Moist chocolate sponge filled with chocolate ganache, smothered with a chocolate mousse-like frosting, just a dollop of vanilla icing and topped with a Toblerone triangle.

Red Velvet
Red chocolate sponge with cream cheese frosting and crumbs on top.

Black Cherry Cheese Cake
Moist vanilla sponge with black cherry filling and swirl of cheese cake.

From R28.00 each

Edible Image Cupcakes
Vanilla or Chocolate sponge covered with a swirl, in your choice of colour and flavour, topped with an edible wafer. Wafers available in a variety of themes: Disney Characters, Corporate Logos etc.

From R25.00 each

Special Request Cupcakes
Special occasion / themed cupcakes - especially created for you: Baby Showers, 21st Birthdays, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, 50th Birthdays, Girl themed cupcakes (hats, shoes, bags), Boy themed cupcakes (planes, cars, cellphones), Corporate Logos etc.

Click here for examples

R25.00 - R37.00 each

    Wedding Cupcakes
Book a private appointment to discuss cupcakes for your special day. Let us know what you had in mind and we will create samples for you to look at and taste, before deciding.

Tiers are available for hire at R250 per day with a deposit of R500.

Wedding cupcake prices vary from R25 to R30 per cupcake depending on the decoration detail - a variety of sponge can be used with or without filling. The small cake atop the tier of cupcakes is R700 and the hire of the display stand is R250.00

Click here for examples

From R65.00 each

    Giant Cupcakes
We offer a giant cupcake in a vanilla of chocolate sponge topped with a large swirl of icing in any colour, decorated with your choice of decorations and glitter.

We can decorate it with a number, nickname or simply "Happy Birthday".

Individual clear packaging is available at R15 extra, and we will wrap it up beautifully with ribbon.

Occasion cakes made to specifications.

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Valentine Cupcakes
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Valentine Cupcakes
R 25.00
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